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Subject: Acrobat PDF ActiveX
Posted by:  Maggie Owens
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009

Delphi 6, Adobe Acrobat Reader 9, Windows XP SP3

A few months ago, I made a component from Acrobat 9's DLL (At least I think that's what it was, that Acrobat 9 had a DLL instead of an OCX).

I replaced the Reader 6 control on my form with the new one for Reader 9. And I have two problems. I don't know if these problems existed with the Acrobat 6 OCX and now there are no machines at my job with Acrobat 6 for me to test on.

1. When a PDF is open in my window with the Acrobat Reader component, if I press Tab, I get an AV. I have reproduced this on several machines.
2. I want the form to close when the user presses Esc, but neither FormKeyDown nor FormKeyPress seem to fire no matter what key I press. (I put a messagebeep in there to make sure.) The Form's KeyPreview is set to True. Any suggestions about how I could make it recognize Esc?

Thanks in advance.