Forcing a tooltip to display

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Subject: Forcing a tooltip to display
Posted by:  Richard Speiss (rspei…
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010

I have an application that I have put into the system tray.

Currently I have the tooltip displaying when the user puts the mouse over
top of the icon.  I want to be able to display a progress message to the
user when the application is not visible (other than the icon) and thought
that if I could put the progress messages into the tooltip and then force
the display of the tooltip then the user could see what is happening.

I see other windows applications doing this (alerts to let the user know
some event has happened) but I can't figure out how to make my D6
application do the same thing.

Does anyone know if there a way to force the tooltip to display?  If there
isn't a way to do this, is there another method that would be roughly
equivalent (display a message by the system tray for x seconds and the
automatically close)

Many thanks

Richard Speiss