VirtualTreeView and hidden node issue

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Subject: VirtualTreeView and hidden node issue
Posted by:  Markus Humm (…
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011


if I'm not mistaken it's not possible to have invisible nodes in a
TVirtualStringTree treeview as there are no enabled, visible or other
properties to do so. Am I right about this?

If yes, how did I manage to have a non visible node?

Structure of my tree:

One Node
Another node
  Subnode 1
  Subnode 2
  Subnode 15
  Subnode 16 [which is not visible!]
Yet another node
  Subnode 1 from yet another node
  Subnode 2 from yet another node

I can find Subnode 16 when I do a FirstNode/GetNextNode loop over the
whole tree and let me print out the text for the first column. I can
also inspect the node and see that he's got a previous sibling but no
next sibling for instance and the node height is 18.

So how did I do this?