Strange display behaviour - Windows 7 notebook.

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Subject: Strange display behaviour - Windows 7 notebook.
Posted by:  Mick Board (mick_boa…
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011

First up - my apologies if a solution to my problem has been previously
posted by others.  I have searched the newsgroups ( and
googled and haven't been able to find an answer.

We have a niche Delphi 7 built application used predominantly in the power
industry.  Typically our clients are medium / large corporates who run
Standard Operating Environments.  They are beginning to move from Windows XP
to Windows 7 (avoided Vista).

Our application was originally developed for Windows 2000, XP.  We have done
some testing on Windows 7 32 bit and (on the machine we tested on) were able
to run successfully without major issues.

I have a new notebook with Windows 7 professional 32 bit.  The notebook is
an HP 6730b.

One of our clients has gone down the WIndows 7 path, others are soon to go
down this path.

I have noticed some problems on my new notebook with this application and
some other small delphi 7 built applications.

When some forms display, I'm seeing an effect like the controls on the form
are slightly too large and controls are being cut off.  The effect is
probably occurring on all forms - it's just the layout of some is perhaps
more susceptible than others.

One simple example is a panel at the bottom of a form with a close button on
the right hand side in the panel.  Normally the whole close button would be
visible.  However, in this case the left half of the button up to and
including the letter "C" is visible but the rest of the button is cut off by
the right edge of the form.
This particular form has multiple panels and some pages.  These are affected
as well with controls on the right hand side of panels/page controls being
partially displayed then cut off.

I'm finding this problem is occurring most often on forms not being
maximised like dialog forms with buttons.  Sometimes these forms end up with
scroll bars and some buttons are invisible until you scroll.

Note: This problem also occurs if I open the Delphi IDE and bring up the
forms in design mode.  i.e. The forms look like they need to be made larger
because controls are being cut off.

Now I've looked at the Windows 7 PC we tested on and we haven't had the same
issues on it.  In years gone by we've developed and advised clients to run
on PC's configured to "small fonts".

I've tried to make the settings on my notebook the same as on the PC.

Things I've tried to date:
* Changed to a basic theme - no difference.
* Ensured the text set to "Smaller - 100%" - no difference.
* Ensured Windows 7 font sizes are the same as the other PC - no difference.
* Messed with the screen resolution of the notebook - no difference.

I'm running out of ideas.  Does anyone have any thoughts and any advice on
this?  I'm concerned that we may have a situation of strange display
behaviour on different PC's.

Your thoughts would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards