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Subject: EReadError message
Posted by:  Mike Reublin (nf4l_NO_SP…
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011

Today my D2010 app will not run. In the IDE I get the message "Project MyApp.exe
raised exception class EReadError with message 'Property MainMe does not exist'."

I had dropped a component on the form, then deleted it and it's uses reference.

The error occurs when the line
Application.CreateForm(TfrmMain, frmMain);
is executed. I can't step into is, a breakpoint in the form's OnCreate isn't reached.

I've deleted all the usual extraneous files (.dproj, .dcu, .xml, .dsk etc) to no avail.

Outside the IDE it does nothing, no error messages, it just doesn't run.

Doing a file dif on a backup shown no changes.

Lost in space, Mike.