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Subject: Re: Indy SSH Component
Posted by:  Anton Ekermans (anto…
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010

On 2010/05/12 11:28 PM, Dewayne Cox wrote:
> Is there a SSH Component in Indy? I see IdSSH.pas but no component. Wondering if I am missing something. If not how can I implement ssh? Probably a really common question.
The SSH issue is quite complicated. There is no (bundled/free) component
that I know of that handle all the intricacies of SSH for you. I think
even if you use idSSH or Synapse components, you'll need a lot of Google
and Coffee. Good luck with that.
I looked for something like that a few months ago and the only ones I
could find were quite expensive commercial components.
Maybe I'm wrong... Or maybe your Google is stronger than mine.




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