Re: BDS 2006 Code Folding Gone

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Subject: Re: BDS 2006 Code Folding Gone
Posted by:  Paul McEvoy
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011

Found the answer - had to manually install .net Framework 1.1 in Win7. It +looks+ like it installs when running the BDS2006 installer but it doesn't.

> {quote:title=Paul McEvoy wrote:}{quote}
> I had to re-install Win7, 64bit (my fault not win7). I reinstalled BDS2006, Delphi personality only, and the rollups and patches. After the install, code folding no longer works - or even shows up. I can do the Ctl-Shft-K-O and see the margin change size but still no code folding. Any ideas?
> I also installed RAD Studio 2010 and code folding works fine with it.
> PaulMc



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